Touch Screen Technology
February 2006
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New touch screen technology from 3M Touch Systems, Inc., called Dispersive Signal Technology (DST), is said to be a unique technology that features set and scalability to fit large display sizes. According to the company, DST represents a fundamentally different approach to touch. Unlike other solutions that recognize touch by the interruption of electrical fields, acoustic waves, optical fields, or infrared light, DST recognizes touch by interpreting bending waves created in the overlay substrate via the impact of a touch. The approach is said to help eliminate performance issues associated with on-screen contaminants and surface scratches, while offering enhanced palm rejection. U.S.-based Richardson Electronics’ Pixelink Division offer an integrated NEC MultiSyncLCD 4010 40-inch TFT touch screen monitor solution incorporating the MicroTouch™ DST Touch Screen and Controller. Key application segments for the technology include conference rooms, retail signage and billboards and other indoor venues such as trade shows and restaurants. The model is said to leverage the company’s expertise in touch technology and the integrators’ proficiency in market-specific display optimization and custom solutions. Combined with high-quality displays, the company says the result is a high-performance, seamlessly integrated touch display capable of being effectively deployed into the major, non-consumer large-format display growth segments.


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