PTFE-Based Film Bearing and Seal Compounds
February 2006
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A family of PTFE-based film bearing and seal compounds, the Dynaglide® 600 Series, is designed to reduce friction and wear in dynamic use, dry or wet. Dynaglide is offered in 10 distinct grades to offer efficient mating with different surfaces in different environments.

Dynaglide 600 grades are provided in film rolls with thickness from 0.010 inch to 0.064 inch (0.03 cm to 0.16 cm) and width from 0.500 inch to 24.0 inches (1.27 cm to 60.96 cm). Dynaglide can be pretreated for bonding and can be supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive. Custom Dynaglide components, such as washers, rings, "U"-cups, and other die-stamped shapes are also available. DeWAL Industries, Inc.,


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