High-Strength and Stiffness Parts from GAIM Molding of Polyarylamide
February 2006
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The gas-assist injection molding process and the product had not teamed up until a company in plastic injection molding for major appliance and office furniture industries determined to bring them together. The combination offers parts for structural applications with high load-carrying requirements. Traditional materials include die cast aluminum, long and short glass-filled nylons, and bulk molding compounds.

GAIM, a process that uses an inert gas to create one or more hollow channels within an injection-molded plastic part, has been around for more than two decades and used to make products like appliance handles and furniture seat backs and frames. GAIM is said to enable manufacturers to cost-effectively make large structural parts that cannot be produced by the standard injection molding process.

IXEF® polyarylamide compounds from Solvay are said to be considered a reliable choice for applications requiring high strength and stiffness. Because the material provides a surface finish, even at high glass loadings, it is particularly appealing for structural-type applications where cosmetics are important. Solvay Advanced Polymers, L.L.C., www.solvayadvancedpolymers-us.com


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