TPEs with Versatile Strengths and Hardness Grades
February 2006
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TPE Solutions is a resource for off-the-shelf and custom thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compounds, offering a broader range of overmold and coextrusion-grade TPEs with a Shore A hardness range from as low as 20 to as high as 90 Shore A. These grades are also said to offer tensile strength, tear strength and durability compared to competitive products at an equivalent durometer. The materials can offer a matte surface as well. They are being marketed under the trade name Softlink 900 Series TPEs.

This product line of soft touch TPE alloys expands potential product applications where they were once limited by Shore A hardness range offerings. As an additional benefit, the off-white or easy-to-color compounds can often be processed without preheating or drying. They can be injection molded or extruded, with the coefficient of friction capable of being lowered to improve the abrasion resistance. The Softlink 900 Series TPE grades also are recommended as a substitute for silicone, latex, rubber, and other types of TPEs.

Suggested applications include power tools, hand tools and personal care appliances. TPE Solutions, Inc.,

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