Quick Mold Clamping System
February 2006
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Milacron has added Tecnomagnete's Quad-PressĀ® Quick Mold Clamping system to its factory-integrated QMC options for Cincinnati Milacron injection molding machines. Tecnomagnete Inc. is a supplier of magnetic quick-clamping systems for molds, dies and workpieces in stamping, plastics molding and machining. The Quad-Press system can be used on vertical or horizontal injection machines, and with standard or multishot/revolving-plate molds. Quad-Press and other QMC systems are available on all sizes of Milacron injection machines, including Roboshot, Powerline, NT, Maxima, Magna Toggle, Magna Vertical, and Ferromatik Milacron K-TEC machines. Milacron, www.milacron.com


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