DLFT Formulation Accepts Self-Tapping Fasteners
February 2006
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The Advantageā„¢ direct long-fiber thermoplastic (DLFT) process for formulating a composite base involves in-line compounding of polypropylene resin and long fiber glass reinforcement, coupled directly with transfer molding, to form finished parts in a continuous process. Additional material requirements such as color and property additives help create a finished part meeting customer requirements.

Based on customer input, CPI developed a material formulation of glass fiber-reinforced PP that accepts self-tapping fasteners, eliminating the need for molded-in inserts. Deep ribs provide a noise-silencing maze, and a smooth surface finish offers improved appearance. The material is said to meet the UL flame retardant rating and impact resistance requirements. CPI, www.compositeproducts.com

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