Polyamide Materials with Transparency and Chemical Resistance
February 2006
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Trogamid® compounds are distinguished by permanent transparency and high chemical resistance. Trogamid T grades comprise the amorphous products based on polyamide 6-3-T only, while Trogamid BX grades cover PA 6-3-T blends containing other semicrystalline or amorphous polyamides. The Trogamid CX series includes the crystal-clear specialty polyamides PA PACM 12. These UV-resistant materials are said to combine the resistance to chemicals and stress cracking of semicrystalline plastics with the mechanical advantages of amorphous compounds. In addition, all grades are characterized by high resistance to dynamic loads, proven by Trogamid T5000 and Trogamid CX for many years, for example, in water treatment and filter applications. Here, water filter units prevent corrosion phenomena by restraining the build-up of residue in pipes, especially in building plumbing. Water filters are often used in combination with pressure reducers. Such a control system produces water pressure that is constant and thus gentle on fittings and pipe systems. High requirements are placed on the mechanical and dynamic properties of the materials used in filter units to ensure that the units will not break and cause water damage. Current safety provisions for filter cups specify that the material must withstand internal pressure at least three times the operation pressure. Trogamid compounds are said to be ideal for this application because they fulfill the requirements in short-time stress as well as in dynamic load. In addition, they feature transparency and a high degree of resistance to chemicals and most oils and greases.

It is also essential that Trogamid compounds coming into contact with drinking water and food are toxicologically harmless. The compounds meet the requirements for the German KTW approval, an important part of the DVGW certificate (German Association of Gas and Water). Only approved parts are used in drinking water supply systems.

Fittings and the top parts of filter cups are not only subject to high internal pressure, but are also exposed to enormous mechanical stresses during both assembly and operation. In many cases, the company says these molded parts are still produced out of cast metal alloys because thermoplastic constructional materials that possess constant high strengths and good tenacity for making dimensionally accurate parts were not previously available. With Trogamid BX9724, there exists a glass-fiber reinforced material that can be used as an alternative to metal, according to the supplier. Compared to purely semi-crystalline polyamides, its fundamental mechanical properties hardly change when it comes into contact with water. Extensive testing of finished parts is said to confirm that these compounds can be used successfully for fittings and flanges. Degussa AG, www.degussa-hpp.com


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