Microprocessor-Controlled Ultrasonic Power Supplies
February 2006
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Sonics & Materials' GX-series microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic power supplies are designed to feature technological advances in control, power and ease-of-use. Designed for Sonics' 40 kHz, 20 kHz and 15 kHz welding frequencies, the ultrasonic generators are available in 4,000 W, 2,200 W, 1,700 W, 1,200 W, and 700 W for Sonics' ultrasonic welding presses and actuators. All GX units have automatic frequency tuning.

System keypad navigation was redesigned for easy-to-understand language displays and intuitive, logical command flow. The GX-series line's versatility comes from options to weld by digital time, energy and/or distance modes. Digital amplitude control is included on all models and amplitude setting is automatically saved in job memory.
The GX-series is designed for plug-and-play compatibility with all stands and presses currently in the field using Sonics' E and F series power supplies. To make future enhancements and upgrades in the field quicker, all units are configured to accept easy-to-load flash-ROM program updates.

Additional features include multiple job storage, calibration pulse prior to every weld cycle, ultrasonics on load scale, digital force triggering, PLC I/O ports for external job sequencing requirements, upper and lower weld limit settings, back-lit LCD display, and RS232 serial port printer output. All units include soft-start overload protection circuitry, load regulation circuitry, line voltage regulation circuitry, and good part and bad part output signaling. Sonics & Materials, Inc., www.sonics.biz


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