SL Resins That Approximate Engineering Plastic Aesthetics
February 2006
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Based on market demand for stereolithography (SL) resins that approximate the aesthetic of engineering plastics, DSM Somos expanded its Somos 9000 and Somos 12000 material series with two variant color product offerings. Somos Precision HT 12920 is an opaque gray version of its high-temperature-resistant material, ProtoTherm 12120. Somos 9420 EP White is an opaque white version of its polypropylene-like material, Somos 9120.

Precision HT 12920 is a high heat-resistant material with stiffness that mimics polycarbonate. It is designed to have easy processing capabilities and the aesthetics to make it ideal for general-purpose applications where structural stability is required.

Somos 9420 EP White is designed to mimic the mechanical performance of polypropylene, and is said to be ideal for the creation of functional prototypes. DSM Somos,


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