Molding Compound for Earpiece Applications
February 2006
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Henkel added a tear-resistant, conformable molding compound to its line of Loctite ResinAid products for hearing aid shell and ear piece fabrication, assembly and repair. Loctite ResinAid 3596 cures on exposure to UV or visible light of the right intensity. The molding compound produces tear resistant, soft, conformable shells that are said to deliver improved comfort and durability in the ear canal. This formulation withstands jaw movement and resists chemicals found naturally in the human ear. The new molding compound complies with ISO-10993 standards for skin surface medical devices.

With a viscosity of 1000 cP, the compound delivers a post-cure tear strength of 145 pounds per inch. It is a clear liquid with a hardness of 90 Shore A and a modulus of 740 pounds per square inch.

The ResinAid line includes 14 low viscosity and eight high viscosity molding compounds in a range of colors including four variations of pink, ten variations of brown, two reds, two blues, and four clear formulations that closely match natural skin tones. ResinAid products also include a complete line of application and curing equipment. Henkel Corporation,


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