Energy-Efficient Parts Dryers
February 2006
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Carousel Plus Dryers are reportedly 45 percent more energy efficient, using a molecular sieve desiccant that is impregnated into a fiberglass substrate that is then formed into a continuously rotating wheel. Thousands of small air channels allow process and regeneration air to flow past the desiccant. At any given time, about 75 percent of the wheel is being used to dry the to-process air, while more than 20 percent is used in high temperature regeneration and a small section is used in post-regeneration closed-loop cooling, according to the company. The wheel rotates constantly to bring a freshly regenerated and cooled desiccant surface on-line while the other parts of the wheel are being regenerated and cooled. The result is said to be steady drying temperatures and dew point levels, which are critical to processing many of the moisture- and temperature-sensitive polymers in common use.

The dryer is more compact, with a footprint 40 percent to 60 percent smaller than the original Carousel, depending on model size. The company says that it weighs as much as 85 percent less because heavy-metal canisters, bed plates and other components have been eliminated or replaced with lightweight materials such as fiberglass. In fact, the number of major components has been cut by a factor of 10. Conair,


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