Magnetic Stackers
January 2006
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The company's permanent magnetic stackers move sheet metal components directly from existing conveyors, punch presses, stamping, or blanking operations, and other production machinery and transfer, index and stack the components at preselected destination points. Permanent magnets inside the stacker's stainless-steel conveyor securely hold each ferrous sheet while it is transported to the stacking point. There, the sheet triggers a sensor that disengages the drive motor clutch, activates a brake and releases the sheet above the stack. A cycle timer and air valves reposition the magnetic element inside the conveyor to accept the next sheet. The released parts can be stacked on a pallet, conveyor or other surface in any desired quantity, ready to be conveyed, moved or shipped. The stacker can also be set up to convey rejected parts to a separate location. Bunting Magnetics Co.


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