Testing Equipment
January 2006
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The company's MSE Series Automatic Evacuation Systems use an enhanced computer-based control with adjustable inputs to control the dehydration and testing of cooling appliances. The company says an operator uses the keypad and digital display to enter a low pressure set point, a high pressure set point, the amount of time required for a pressure rise test, maximum time to pump down the appliance prior to initiating a pressure rise test, and the maximum number of times the pressure rise test can be failed before notifying the operator, and presses the "start" button to initiate the system. The MSE is then said to automatically evacuate and test up to six appliances, providing a complete print-out of test results for each of the units upon completion of the test cycle. According to the company, the automated system frees hours of operator time and significantly enhances the quality control process. The system is equipped with on-site printer output functionality and record storing functionality for batch downloading of test records. Airserco Manufacturing Company LLC


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