Thermal Controls
January 2006
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The company's line of Valstatâ„¢ thermal controls includes three snap-action devices designed for use in applications such as motors and transformers, and contain bimetallic elements to break an electrical circuit. The Model J(C) Valstat Series features a fold-over case design and the bimetallic element is said to carry the circuit current for maximum sensitivity under short circuit conditions. The line also provides the option of two bimetallic elements with different resistance values depending on application on needs. The company's line also includes the FC-M1D Series, featuring a drawn metal case, and the FC-P2D, featuring a heat-resistant plastic case. Both the FC-M1D and FC-P2D offer a sealed design suitable for applications requiring a vacuum impregnation process. Operating temperatures for all models are pre-set and are available in 5 degrees celcius increments ranging between 50 degrees celcius and 150 degrees celcius. Portage Electric Products, Inc.


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