Simplifying Appliance Inverter Motor Drive Design Makes Units Ideal for Refrigerators
March 2006
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Two new Motion-SPM devices for under-200W inverter motors are specifically tailored to reduce board space and simplify designs while enhancing system performance and reliability in refrigerator applications.

"Fairchild designed its integrated Motion-SPM for under 200W inverter motors to utilize a MOSFET as a switching device," said Taehoon Kim, vice president of the supplier's Functional Power Group. "The result is a module with a structure compact enough to achieve cost-faeffectiveness in low-power applications while offering system efficiency and reliability."

Each FCBS0550 (500V/5A) and FCBS0650 (500V/6A) Motion-SPM integrates six MOSFETs, three HVICs and one LVIC into a single, compact, thermally efficient module. Compared to discrete designs requiring multiple components, the new units are said to reduce total board size by 20 percent in inverter motor designs for refrigerators. This integration leads to simpler and faster designs, as well as highly reliable and efficient systems, according to the supplier. Unlike some competitive devices, the units are UL-certified, which satisfies basic creepage and clearance spacing requirements. Fairchild Semiconductor,


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