Microcontrollers That are Low-Cost and Versatile
March 2006
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A new series of low-cost microcontrollers in the supplier's ST7Lite family offers a choice of 16-pin and 20-pin packages, 2KB or 4KB of Flash memory and new embedded peripherals to bring added functionality to many cost-sensitive applications. The ST7FLit1xB series is an extension of the established ST7Lite1 devices with the addition of an enhanced 12-bit auto-reload timer, fast analog comparator with 16 internal voltage references, and other features.

The new products are said to be of particular interest for applications such as fluorescent lighting, high intensity discharge, LED control, and LCD backlight management. Other uses include low-end motor control, Transition Mode power factor correction, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), ovens, and induction cookers. The new line's embedded peripherals are said to enable applications to be smaller and lower-cost. STMicroelectronics, www.st.com


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