Synchronous Rectification MOSFETs Shrink Part Count by 30 Percent
March 2006
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New high-efficiency 75 V and 100 V HEXFET power MOSFETs in the TO-220 package are designed to enable a part count reduction of 30 percent or more in secondary synchronous rectification, full-bridge topology power supplies compared to competing devices in the same package. The 75 V devices are designed to shrink circuit size and increase power density in high power server AC-DC switch-mode power supplies (SMPS) with 12 V output or in 48 V rail O-ring circuits. The 100 V devices suit high power flyback secondary rectification or offer enhanced primary-side efficiency in high power telecom isolated 48 V DC-DC converters. In addition, the new MOSFETs can be used in stepper motor and brushless DC motor drive applications.

"The new 75 and 100 V TO-220 HEXFET MOSFETs allow more power management to fit in the same amount of space, and have the lowest device on-resistance among competing MOSFETs," explains Stephen Oliver, marketing manager for SMPS Products at International Rectifier. International Rectifier,


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