Thermostats for Environments Up to 260°C
March 2006
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A line of individually calibrated snap disc thermostats can be factory preset up to 500 degrees fahrenheit (260 degrees celcius). These thermostats are available as hermetically sealed stainless steel probes (Series 08-80) or as surface mounting models (Series 08-03) and are designed specifically for high temperature applications. They are engineered with a precise and repeatable snap-acting bimetallic disc as the actuating element, with silver contacts to assure long life. A variety of terminal options are offered, including lead wires of any length, solder lugs, wiring eyelets, and quick-connect style terminals.

"The all stainless steel and hermetically sealed construction means that, unlike commodity brass components, the Probe Style Snap Disc Thermostat is suitable for damp or corrosive environments while accurately and reliably controlling at high temperatures," explains the supplier's Controls Business Director Gordon Swanson. Fenwal Controls,


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