One Device Enables Two Styles of Washer Control
March 2006
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A power supply and mode selection functions are combined in a single package to create the SDKU Series of rotary-type power supply switches with signal circuitry, targeted at washing machines and other household appliance applications.

Methods of mode selection and power supply function tend to vary internationally in washing machines. In Japan, selecting load size settings and turning the machine "on" and "off" is commonly performed by pushing a series of buttons located on the surface of the washer's panel. In Europe, a single dial is often employed to turn appliance power "on" and "off" as well as select washing modes according to fabric type, water temperature and other settings. Alps developed its new series as a single package that enables two types of function in a rotary-type power switch with signal circuitry. The SDKU Series exploits the supplier's insert molding experience to realize encoder functioning for mode selection in the lower part of the control and power switch functioning in the upper part. A detente structure, based on Alps' proprietary engineering technologies, allows for ease of use while providing the feeling of heavy rotation torque, which occurs within the encoder segment of the product that fulfills the mode selection function. Alps Electric Co., Ltd.,


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