Infrared Remote Microcontroller with On-chip "Learning" Capability
March 2006
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The supplier's ZLP12840 family of 8-bit microcontroller (MCU) devices is the latest addition to its Crimzon line of infrared-specific silicon. Unique to the ZLP12840 is its "on-chip" ability to learn codes from other infrared remote controls via a learning circuit. The supplier believes that this is the first 8-bit MCU to offer this integrated capability, and says learning features are becoming increasingly popular in the mid- to high-end remote control market. These features capture the infrared signal from any other remote control then duplicate it on the "learning" remote. Once the codes are captured, they are mapped to keys on the universal remote via integrated firmware. This learning function is especially useful in instances where a consumer has a number of remote controls and wishes to consolidate this number down to a single universal remote control (URC), or has purchased a new device and wishes to add these codes to their URC.

What differentiates the ZLP12840 from competing solutions, according to the supplier, is that the code-learning functionality is integrated on-chip, meaning a significant cost saving per unit for customers, who now do not have to source this element externally. ZiLOG, Inc.,


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