Commercial Foodservice Appliance Control Made Easier
March 2006
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The SPS-2 Smart Panel Switches enables the control and managing of all components of a foodservice appliance-including motors, sensors, temperature, fans, and lights-on a single wire. The SPS-2 combines SMT and communication technology in one unit. It is designed to replace complicated equipment harnesses with a single communication wire, and is said to simplify design and eliminate expensive harness connections, reducing parts inventory and resulting in cost savings.

In conjunction with a Renau Hybrid Controller, the unit is designed to manage and control clusters of up to 24 switches. The SPS can display information such as temperature, time or various other functions.

The SPS enables the OEM to place a hybrid controller closer to motors, heaters and other components, which can result in a harness that is smaller and shorter, to further reduce production costs. The unit is said to be ideal in applications such as refrigerators, ovens, fryers, food warmers, and dispensing machines. Renau Electronic Laboratories,


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