Innovative Processes for Panel Production
March 2006
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The supplier developed solutions to support customers in difficult markets where product differentiation is a must. The supplier demonstrated one of its solutions, for an innovative cooker control panel, at the Furniture Exhibition in Cologne, Germany.

The appliance OEM wanted to replace its mechanical turn-switch with a scroll wheel, which is designed to function similar to the scroll wheel used on a computer mouse. Turning the wheel adjusts the cooker control mode and pressing the wheels selects the control mode. Additional large, illuminated "touch" pushbuttons allow for selection of the control mode and special functions. A dot-matrix-display indicates the control mode, help functions, recipe functions, and operational instructions, all in text that can be viewed in several languages.

The control supplier provides its appliance OEM customers a complete solution, including engineering the hardware and developing the software. Diehl Controls,


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