Thermostatic Expansion Valves in Commercial Refrigeration
March 2006
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Appliance makers are engineering their products for increased energy efficiency at every opportunity, and some producers are turning to thermostatic expansion valves rather than capillary tubes to help them achieve these higher efficiency levels in commercial refrigeration applications such as vending machines, refrigerators, freezers, and glass door merchandisers. In response, Danfoss introduced a line of economical small TXVs, types TD1 and TDE1.

TD valves are available in capacities from 0.15 TR to 1.5 TR (R-22), internally or externally equalized, for refrigerants R134A, R22 and R404A, and the valves can be supplied for use with other refrigerants on demand. The valves have a patented, self-aligning, double-contact bulb that secures with a single strap. Danfoss Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning Division,


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