Alper S.r.l.
February 2006
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Hall 11.2, Stand A023

Alper S.r.l. will be exhibiting its production of Polymer Thick-Film (PTF) type electrical foil resistances based on silk-printing of electrically conductive inks for the production of resistors. Alper has developed, and currently produces, its own proprietary ink blends of resins and conductive pigments.

As compared to the traditional production of electric resistors, the company says PTF resistances have many advantages, including flexibility and easy fitting, as adhesive can be used on the back of the resistance. Numerous shapes are possible, differentiated heat generation can be obtained and the components feature low energy consumption. Applications include flexible heating coils for defrosting, food warmers, cup warmers for coffee machines, hot plates, and room-heating panels, as well as flexible heating elements for other small electric appliances.

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