Materials for Rubber-Like Matte Finishes
February 2006
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Plastics processors can now impart a rubber-like matte finish to products made with Flexalloy(r) compounds while obtaining the advantages of high-performance vinyl thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) over conventional flexible vinyl and other TPEs.

While the compounds have processing and physical properties comparable to those of the general-purpose Flexalloy 9100 Series, the company formulated them for applications where a low-gloss surface may be aesthetically desirable, as in certain consumer products and furniture trim. In addition, while glossy products tend to "block" or stick to each other, low-gloss Flexalloy compounds exhibit anti-blocking properties said to ease handling of films for flexible "accordion" hose like that on vacuum cleaners.

The compounds are available in Shore A hardnesses ranging from 35 to 80. Flexalloy TPEs are based on proprietary formulation and compounding technology developed by the company and are said to have no counterparts among competing raw material producers. They are based on ultra-high molecular weight PVC resin, which differs considerably from the PVC used for compounding the vast bulk of vinyl formulations. Teknor Apex


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