In-House, On-Demand Customizable Coloration of Plastics Parts
February 2006
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Bayer MaterialScience offers more customizable coloration with its recent Aura® technology. Partners 3form and Replex Plastics will install Aura’s specialized equipment in-house, allowing companies to apply color trends to already molded, extruded or thermoformed parts on demand.

The technology is ideal for short-run, made-to-order, customized parts produced by injection molding, extrusion or thermoforming. The technology’s coloration process adds speed and flexibility to production and is especially beneficial for applications that need to be produced in a variety of colors.

The product’s color infusion technology enables the coloring of thermoplastic parts made from clear, translucent or opaque resins. The infusion operation takes place in a heated bath containing a dispersion of dyestuff. The part to be colored is placed in the coloring solution until the desired depth of color is achieved, which can take from a few seconds to a few minutes. The dye penetrates the plastic part, which eliminates color rub-off later. Aura is designed for coloration on-demand and eliminates the requirement for costly minimum orders or high quantity runs, helping to reduce obsolete inventory and related costs. Aura color infusion technology also allows the creation of color gradients on parts, enabling even broader design freedom. Bayer MaterialScience


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