Pressure Switches
November 2005
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Compared to other switches, the company’s Goldtech series of switches is slightly larger in diameter and uses a conventional snap-action switch as the main switching element. The switches are available in pressure, vacuum or differential models with standard multi-barb port connections, orifices, bleed holes, and various mounting configurations. The units are factory-calibrated to specific customer requirements from 0.1 in water to 5.0 in water. The piggy-back design allows the use of different snap-acting switches. For example, switches with gold contacts are used for low-energy circuits in electronic control boards and switches with silver alloy contacts are used for high amperage applications when the switch is used as the direct load switching member. Different size electrical terminations are available within the same unit, which is said to be a valuable safety feature that prevents field technicians from incorrectly wiring the switch during routine service calls.

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