Optical Tilt and LED Switches
November 2005
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The company’s RP Series optical tilt switches (pictured) offer mercury-free operation in a 360-degree radius and with tilt angles of 15, 20, 30, or 45 degrees. The switches are available in vertical and right-angle through-hole models measuring 10 mm by 10-1/2 mm by 8 mm. The switches use photo transistors to detect signals which reportedly make them highly reliable, stable and suitable for IC trigger signals. Additionally, the company’s patent-pending Illumec switches feature single- or dual-color LED illumination is available in both the high temperature through-hole and surface mount switches. The switches are sealed to IP67 standards, have a minimum mechanical life of 10 million actuations and a rugged construction that withstands a 100-N force applied to the actuator.

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