Rotary Switch
November 2005
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Standard rotary switches from the company are 1.25 inches square and as little as 0.36 inches high, excluding the shaft. The switches are said to be an excellent low-cost solution to the switching needs for electrical circuits. Common applications for the switches are portable electric heaters, cooling fans and various kitchen appliances. All of the company’s rotary switches feature a push-in wire connection design, which means that the end of the wire is striped and pushed into the various corners of the switch where it is locked into place automatically. This is said to eliminate the cost of quick-connect terminals and the labor and equipment cost associated with attaching them. Mounting options include: snap-in, two screw, tab and screw, and threaded bushing/hex nut. Single-D and double-D shafts are available. Maximum operating temperature of the switches is 105°C.


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