Captive Linear Actuator
November 2005
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The company’s Z26000 captive linear actuators have a metric stroke of 31 mm. The simplified design and metric dimensions are said to make the actuators ideal for the global marketplace. The extended travel offering is available in a wide variety of resolutions ranging from
0.0127 mm to 0.1016 mm per step and offers up to 4.5 Kg of force. Utilizing rare earth magnets, the actuators are said to deliver exceptional performance based on a design that reduces costs without compromising performance. Providing an elegant solution for linear movement, it is said that OEM’s can reduce components and simplify designs by replacing rotary motors that generate linear movement through belts and pulleys or rack and pinions with the company’s linear actuators. The linear actuators are designed for low or high volume applications. Typical applications include medical devices, small machinery, instrumentation, and virtually any applications where precise linear motion is required.


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