November 2005
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The SPOS series of multifunctional keyboards feature a magnetic card reader and enhanced key layout for commercial applications in a package with a 30-percent smaller footprint than conventional full-size models. The keyboards are fully programmable and provide a full QWERTY key layout in a 14-inch form factor, said to combine maximum space efficiency with uncompromised alphanumeric data entry. The keyboards offer plug-and-play configuration for all common POS features and are said to allow for quick product set-up and program configuration, including remote installation. The SPOS keyboards are available with and without a touchpad. The standard model (G86-61410) provides a 135-position key layout with 60 relegendable keys. The touchpad model (P/N G86-61411) has a 123-position key layout with 54 relegendable keys for easy layout configuration and quick function calls. Both products offer free programmability of all key positions in three layers and feature a three-track magnetic stripe reader.


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