Pressure Transducer
September 2005
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According to the company, the Model 260 is a “one size fits all” low differential pressure transducer. The unit is said to offer users selectable pressure ranges and analog outputs, a standard LCD, and a.c./d.c. excitation-on-voltage output operation. At a standard accuracy of 1 percent FS, the transducer is said to be the only multi-range transducer to provide fixed-range performance for all selectable ranges. The unit offers various pressure ranges from 0.1 in W.C. full-scale through 10 in W.C. full-scale. The units may be field-configured as unidirectional or bi-directional ranges, which helps reduce inventory and gives users the flexibility of covering a wide range of typical HVAC applications with a single unit. The unit’s capacitance-sensor reportedly provides better than 0.5 percent FS long-term stability.

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