Rocker Switches
September 2005
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DA miniature single-pole, rectangular rocker switches are designed for a variety of applications, including medical instrumentation. Measuring 21 by 15 by 5.6 mm, the panel-mount devices are available with a wide range of actuator colors and styles, including two-tone and illuminated rockers. Both neon lamps and LED are available. Current rating for this size switch is high, as the single-pole version is specified at 16 A, 125 V a.c., 1/3 hp (10 A at 250 V d.c., 1/2 hp, rated by UL and CSA). Electrical life is 10,000 make-and-break cycles quoted at full load. The switches can be wired with 0.187-in quick-connect crimped terminals or by hand soldering. Straight and right-angle terminals are available. ITT Industries, Cannon


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