Insulation Adhesives
September 2005
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The company’s line of duct insulation adhesives includes Coil-Tack™, Booth-Tack™, Roto-Tack™, Speed-Tack™, Insta-Tack™, Seal-Tack™, and Travel-Tack™. The line also includes Un-Tack™, an adhesive remover and cleaner, an adhesive delivery system, and adhesive spray guns and hoses. The products are said to offer strong bonding, tack, and drying times. The line, which includes both water- and solvent-based products, has been designed to ensure the best adhesion for each specific application technique. VOC compliance, traditional and nontraditional color variations, and nonflammable properties are said to make it ideal for restricted applications. Hardcast

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