August 2005
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An updated 12-page bulletin available from PennEngineeringĀ® Fastening Technologies profiles PEMĀ® self-clinching standoff fasteners, which install permanently in metal sheets as thin as 0.025 in (0.63 mm) and enable components to be stacked or spaced in an assembly. Bulletin SO features two new PEM standoff fasteners (Types DSO and DSOS) said to be suited for close-to-edge applications. Other types in the profiled product line include self-clinching standoffs designed for ultra-thin metal sheets (Types TSO, TSOS, and TSOA); through-hole, threaded, and unthreaded standoffs (Types SO, SOA, and SOS); blind threaded standoffs (Types BSO, BSOA, and BSOS); and through-hole and blind threaded standoffs specially designed for installation into stainless steel sheets (Types SO4 and BSO4)

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