August 2005
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The Coiltronics® brand catalog from Cooper Electronic Technologies is said to make designing electronics simpler with 120 pages of information featuring inductors and transformers. A series of application notes is included to make selection of products easier. Information is included on improving reliability of power inductors in high temperature designs, PoE power magnetic options and trends, and switching regulator inductor selection. Products highlighted include 1.0-mm height d.c. to d.c. converter output inductors for cell phones, PDAs, and PCMCIA cards, and high-current, high-energy density inductors for the modern GHz-speed microprocessors. In addition to detailed applications and specifications for each product line, the guide has an easy-to-use custom magnetics design form with step-by-step guidelines to determine the proper size and efficiency of the SMT component needed for a specific electronic application. Nearly 1,000 different part numbers are listed for every conceivable power requirement and space configuration in the design of electronics, including 12 additional values for the HC8 Series of power inductors.

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