Temperature Calibrations
August 2005
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A new series of temperature calibrations has been added to the company’s existing line of MICROTEMP® thermal cutoffs. The first series in the line of temperatures includes 70, 100, 172, 190, and 205°C. The cutoffs are said to provide protection against potentially hazardous overheating conditions in products around the world. The active trigger mechanism of the cutoff is said to be an exclusively formulated, electrically nonconductive pellet. Under normal operating temperatures, the solid pellet holds spring-loaded contacts closed. When a predetermined temperature is reached, the pellet melts, allowing the compression spring to relax. The trip spring then slides the contact away from the lead and the circuit is opened. The cutoffs are available for application loads up to 25 A/250V a.c. Therm-O-Disc, Inc.


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