July 2005
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The 111 valve lubricant and sealant is a heavy-consistency dimethyl silicone compound that resists a variety of organic and inorganic chemicals. The sealant can be used as a lubricant for rubber and plastic O-rings, water softener and faucet valves, and electronic and ignition systems, among others. The compound can be used as a sealant in applications such as vacuum and pressure systems, equipment subject to washing and harsh environments, electrical service entrances and underground connections, along with transformer gaskets and equipment enclosures. The lubricant and sealant maintains a serviceable consistency from approximately -70°F to 400°F (-57°C to 204°C), has NSF 51, NSF 61 approval, and is acceptable as a release agent under FDA 21 CFR 175.300 when used in accordance with that regulation. Dow Corning


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