Thermoforming Machines
July 2005
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The company offers new thermoforming solutions for the manufacture of refrigerator doors. A new version of its drum unit allows for open-mold pouring and closed-mold injection, permitting maximum flexibility to refrigerator manufacturers requiring both methods. The company also offers a new mold transport system for producing several refrigerator models with different polymerization times. The new transport system conveys each mold within its own polymerization area according to the required curing time, allowing for a flexible production mix. Features include an automatic head holder for open-mold pouring, a quick mold change station, and distinct curing areas for doors of different size and thickness. Finally, the company offers new drum units using an electric drive. This type of drive is said to offer easier control over speed, acceleration, and breaking compared to hydraulic systems. An automatic mold-change system—allowing for a set of two molds to be replaced within the drum’s cycle time—also characterizes the new door-foaming machine. Cannon Crios

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