Power Cable Assemblies
July 2005
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MiniMate® (MMSD Series) with wire gauges from 20 to 30 AWG and PowerMate™ (IPBD Series) with wire gauges from 16 to 24 AWG are now available as standard cable assemblies. The cable and connectors are rated up to 6 A at 20°C, while PowerMate cables and connectors are rated up to 12 A at 20°C. Standard assemblies can be specified from the catalog for any cable length with a variety of pin counts and termination orientations. Also available are mating PCB-mount connector shells and contacts as components for customer assembly.
The company also offers a full range of assembly tooling. Hand tools (CAT-HT) are said to be ideal for low-volume, pre-production, and repair applications, while bench-top terminating units (CAT-3000 Series) and mini applicators (CAT-MA Series) allow quick change and semi-automated terminating with press capacities up to 3,000 lb. Samtec, Inc.

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