Cord Grips
July 2005
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The company’s Metallic Liquid-Tight Cord Grips are an expanded selection of heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant, liquid-tight cord grips with NPT, Metric, or PG threads. The cord grips have a smooth design with rounded interior edges, which is said to easily insert cords and cables ranging from 0.079- to more than 2-in diam. A thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) inner seal ensures a liquid-tight sealing around all cables and wires in working temperatures from -40°C to 100°C. The Ingress Protection Class (IP Rating) 68 helps to provide a tight seal around an electrical entry. The grips are also designed to protect against from outdoor elements, inadvertent abuse, and rough use. Possible applications include commercial rotary floor cleaners, medical equipment, commercial kitchen appliances, outdoor power equipment, and outdoor HVAC equipment.
The grips available in a range of wire/cable diameters, hole sizes, and thread types, which are accommodated by the company’s standard range of products. Other options for the UL- and cUL-compliant grips include stainless-steel body construction, high-temperature sealing gland materials, flat or multi-cable sealing glands, right-angle and bell-mouth body designs, and electro-magnetic shielding style metallic cord grips. Heyco Products, Inc.


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