Cable Ties
July 2005
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The company has expanded and improved its BURNDY® UNIRAP™ line of cable ties. The new cable ties include Tefxel and Halar ties, aerial support spacer ties, identification ties, Velcro ties, mounting bases, and tools. The line is also said to feature a new catalog numbering system, lower prices, and new packaging to simplify the selection and ordering processes.
The cable ties are designed for both field and production line applications and are reportedly easily installed by hand. Compact heads and pre-bent tips facilitate quick and space-efficient cable bundling. All ties are fabricated of one-piece nylon with no metal parts. They are said to offer high tensile strength and are chemically resistive to solvents, alkalies, oils, grease, and diluted acids. In addition, the self-locking ties are designed to completely secure without twisting or leaving sharp projections. FCI-Burndy Products

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