Appliance Cords
July 2005
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The company offers several cord products for appliance applications. The company’s class II angled and fused plug (pictured) is especially designed for vacuum cleaners. The MP5004BS cord has an enhanced strain relief and formulated compound to meet flexing of up to 180 degrees for more than 50,000 cycles. The conductors are strengthened with an additional cable tie after crimping to meet the impact of pull and retraction in the cable reel of the vacuum cleaner.
The company’s noise suppression cord (Catalog No. KR3SC2) is designed for use in high-quality entertainment or audio/video systems. The plug has a ferrite core coiled with enamel wire for the function of suppressing noise from the surrounding area. The inductance value of this product reportedly meets 1,000uH +/- 30 percent. Volex Group plc


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