Radio Frequency Controlled Cooking - Intelon-RF™ from Regal Ware
June 2005
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The Intelon-RF™ cooking system from Regal Ware Worldwide uses a wireless, radio frequency (RF) control that is said to provide users with a perfectly cooked and timed meal. The system comprises an RF-enabled cooktop, RFID cookware, and chip-activated recipe cards that work together to provide pre-programmed temperature controls and cooking times.

The recipe cards contain meal information and when read by the RF tag in the cookware, that information is communicated to the cooktop, where the temperature and time settings are controlled. The cookware then communicates with the cooktop via platinum-tipped temperature sensors and a wireless RF antenna, sending information 16 times per sec.

The cooking system is said to provide consistently prepared meals due to its ability to communicate throughout the cooking process, in addition to saving time with its induction cooking and audible alert features. Once started, the cooking system alerts the user when a step in the recipe is needed, such as adding an ingredient or stirring. In addition, the recipe cards list timing information, allowing the user to know what to expect. “Normally, when you are standing over your cooktop, you waste a lot of time because you are waiting for things to happen, not knowing if you need to adjust the temperature or how much time it’s going to take,” Dru Popper, brand manager for Regal Ware, says. “Now, in a robotic way, the system is talking to the food, talking to the cooktop, and adjusting it perfectly for you so that you can walk away and not worry.”

The product is scheduled for a fourth-quarter release with future product iterations and accessories planned. “Of course, this system is a huge technological advancement to combine RF with cooking,” Ms. Popper tells APPLIANCE. “But the way it revolutionizes cooking…it allows you to move away from the stove to do other things.”

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