Multi-Meal Grilling - Salton Inc.’s Next Grilleration™ George Foreman® Grill
June 2005
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Salton Inc.’s latest grill in its Next Grilleration™ George Foreman® product line boasts increased versatility to accommodate every meal with a new design and added features. The new G5 indoor grill features an 84-in cooking surface and is the first to feature five removable grilling surface plates—the traditional George Foreman grilling surface, a shallow bake pan, a griddle, and a set of waffler plates.

According to Gary Ragan, marketing vice president for Salton, the company decided to integrate removable plates to increase cleaning ease. “Although everyone loves their George Foreman grill, we are always looking for improvements.” In designing the removable plates, Mr. Ragan says Salton had to ensure cooking heat and performance was the same quality as its previous grills. Salton met that requirement by brazing the heating element onto a rectangular plate to which the removable plates attach. “Because the rectangular plate takes up about 80 percent of the grill plate, the heat transfer is very strong and is very evenly distributed,” Mr. Ragan tells APPLIANCE.

The company says all grilling plates are coated with its proprietary George Tough, triple non-stick coating, which reportedly outlasted other leading indoor grills in an abrasion test by 66,000 strokes. In order to accommodate the added grilling plates, Salton redesigned the grill to sit either flat across with the waffler, griddle, and bake pan or to slope down like a traditional George Foreman grill. The unit features a variable temperature control and is set for a September 2005 release.

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