Cord Sets
June 2005
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The LCDI (leakage current detection interrupters) cord sets, available in 15- and 20-A, 125- and 250-V ratings, and 30-A, 250-V ratings, are said to provide a reliable and economical way to prevent the risk of fire due to a damaged power cord on portable room air-conditioners. The devices are suitable on window/sleeve, windowless, spot cooler, and PTAC models. The cord sets feature electronic detection technology to automatically cut off power to the air-conditioner when a current leakage condition is detected in the unit’s power cord. Once power is shut-off, the device will not be able to reset until the unsafe current leakage situation is resolved. The cord sets feature a compact housing made of high-impact polycarbonate to ensure a long service life and ergonomic test and reset buttons to facilitate regular testing of the device by users. The device features a power indicator light, which shuts off when the device is tripped or the unit is unplugged. Leviton Manufacturing


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