Gas Ignition Controls
June 2005
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The 35-73 and 36-63 intermittent pilot gas ignition controls from the company are said to be ideal for use in commercial cooking equipment, HVAC systems, boilers, and furnace applications. Both are available in line voltage and 24 V a.c. The ignition controls are said to be microprocessor-based and polarity insensitive for easy installation. Featuring precise, repeatable timing sequences, the controls provide TFI times up to 120 sec, local and remote flame sense options, thermostat/power off and automatic reset options, and on-board diagnostics with LED blink code output. Suitable for controlling pilot and main gas valves, monitoring flame, and igniting LP and natural gas burners in a variety of equipment, the gas ignition controls are CSA-certified and available in three configurations: bare board, with case and cover, and potted version (35-73 only) for wash down and extreme vibration protection. Fenwal Controls


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