May 2005
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The KJ Series of DIP switches offers from two to 12 positions with gull wing termination and are available with extended and recessed actuators. The series offers an optional top tape seal. The electrical rating on the DIP is 25 mA @ 24 V d.c. for the switch and 100 mA @ 24 V d.c. for the carry. The electrical life is typically 2,000 cycles. Contact resistance is <25 mW initially with a minimum dielectric strength of 500 V rms. The switches offer actuation force of 600 gf maximum and actuator travel of 0.90 mm. With contacts of gold over nickel-plated beryllium copper and terminals of gold over nickel-plated brass at the contact area and tin-plated at the terminal, the switches are said to be ideal for use in computer and computer peripherals, telecommunications, security, test equipment, instrumentation, and audio and medical applications. CIT Relay & Switch


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