Pushbutton Switches
May 2005
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The IF series of momentary pushbutton switches is designed to withstand frost and icing conditions encountered in applications where equipment experiences unprotected environmental exposure and must meet ergonomic and contemporary cosmetic requirements. Typical applications include ATM machines, vending machines, and outdoor kiosks. The switches feature a 1.180-in-diam black or red panel mounting bezel with a flexible rubber-like actuator that provides 500,000 cycles of life at full load in temperatures from -20°C to 85ºC. Electrical ratings for single pole NO models are 400 mA at 32 V d.c. or 100 mA at 50 V d.c. Mechanical life is 1,000,000 cycles minimum. Additional features include a high insulation resistance of 1 gigohm at 500 V d.c. and dielectric strength of 1,000 V a.c. rms between terminals and mounting panel. Contacts are solid silver and gold-plated. APEM Components, Inc


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