Flexible Circuit Materials
May 2005
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Two lines of 2L-FCCL adhesiveless, all-polyimide (API) flexible circuit materials are designed for use in cell phone hinge flex, LCD interconnection, and other applications. The R/flex® AP 200 material is a single-clad, cast-on type product. The Mitsui Chemicals NEOFLEX™ NFX material is a double-clad, laminated-type product. Both materials are available in rolls 250- and 500-mm (9.84- and 19.68-in) wide. The adhesiveless products are polyimide-based, made by directly bonding polyimide onto adhesion-treated copper foil, without the use of conventional adhesives. Since the laminates are manufactured without the use of adhesives, they are said to be ideally suited for the manufacturing of circuits intended for use in high-density designs, harsh working environments, dynamic flexing applications, as well as thin multilayer and rigid-flex circuits. Rogers Corporation


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